For you?

Are you a guy who falls in love with guys? Are you a woman who falls in love with women? Or are you interested in both?
Are you a guy but do others see you as a girl? Or were you born as a guy but do you see yourself as a girl?
Are you looking for others like you? Do you need information, for example about your coming out?
All these questions you can ask at The Box. You can ask us anything. Or ask each other. We are active in the North of the Netherlands (Groningen and Drenthe)
The Box organizes free meetings where you can meet others like you. A safe place where you can be yourself.
Inhabitants in Groningen and Drenthe
Lesbian, gay, bi, transgender and queer inhabitants
Lesbian, gay, bi, transgender and queer youth

Who are we?

volunteers most of whom are also lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer
volunteers who rotate in leading the discussion and who are available to answer your questions
team that is part of the LGBT-suppport organisations COC Groningen & Drenthe